Bitten by the food Bug!

Yes! The food bug has officially bitten me and with my heart in its right place I can assure that I am quite happy about it.
Blame my environment, company or however it ought to be put, food for me ever since I was a little girl have been vague in terms of it’s history, geography, literature and science of making. I had grown up eating random anything “tasty” as a “treat” apart from the regular Bengali staples everyday. It had a vast range – from Kolkata staples like Bengali style ‘kochuri and aloo’r torkari’ to Biriyani from Aminia or Zeeshan. (which are one of the many old, renowned restaurants for Mughlai and likes of it).
I still remember the first time I had been taken to Aminia in New Market area. I tried soaking in everything so that when I reach home, I could tell my young cousins how adventurous the day had been.
aminia biriyani, biriyani, kolkata , must-eat, india, mughlai dish

The place was quite huge compared to any modern restaurant and even though it has this big name, it dint look any posh or royal by any means. Except for it had old traditional patterns on the gate or the ceiling. The Biriyani came and with it came a Kolkata specific, big piece of potato..that aloo, just as flavourful, just as palatable & a hard-boiled egg. Again a Amimia trademark (then, for now they no more serve any egg). 😦

kolkata, calcutta, restaurant, mughlai, kolkata biriyani, biriyani, must-eat, dharmatala, new market

I had heard of this very old eatery several times before from my parents. The anticipation was crazy high – but I am sure if it was just the food or the food, at all.
As a kid I was never the kind who would worry much about food or its making. I was more into hogging if it tasted good. I wish I was more careful and intrigued long ago and so I could have built myself a knowledge of cuisine worth a kingdom but sadly, I was that kid who had the same item ten times in a year and refused to do any experiment.
Easy and reliable choices, please!
To my utter dismay, even though experimentation started as I, relation or digging in its recipe was never an idea until I was home for longer than I would have liked it to be and fell in love with the art of cooking.
The mixing and matching of ingredients, extra touches, the yes and no to several possibilities, the new recipes to try, the old recipes to makeover…a whole new world of culinary beauty.
I am in! & hopefully for lifetime. ❤ ❤

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Love & Luck,
Roy ❤ ❤


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