Vegetable & cheese sandwich recipe – a vegetarian snack/treat

“Sandwich” -this to me means an evening treat or something that I would make to please my mother & sister. So, last weekend I took out the manual sandwich maker that my father had bought ages ago. Back then it must have been used a few times (by few I mean not enough to make it worth buying!) but I was firm about utilising such an easy appliance now. So i googled some sandwich recipes but dint quite find any that would suit my conditions of being healthy, tasty & easy to make. So,it was time for some innovation & here is what I made:


( you may or may not use all of these. Change or swap any of the ingredients listed below with anything you have or like). Ingredients I used as per my liking: 1.garlic , finely chopped 2.onions , chopped small 3.capsicum, chopped small 4.carrots, chopped small 5.tomato, deseeded and chopped small 6.olive oil, for sautéing and greasing 7. Parmesan cheese, grated 8.tomato ketchup, as bread spread and for serving. 9.brown bread 10. thyme or any herb of your choice 11.lemon zest (grate the skin of a lemon. Don’t add excess) 12. Salt & pepper (plus red chilli powder)


You may/will also need : A sandwich maker of any sort OR A tawa or toaster (to toast the breads) (If you dont have a sandwich maker, just dry toast you bun or breads on a pan or toaster and stuff in the veggies and cheese in between two).

Get a Manual Sandwich Maker here

Get a Sandwich Maker here

Get a Toaster here

How I made my sandwiches : Taking a non-stick pan and I added little olive oil. Then garlic and stired till golden brown. Added onion and stired till transparent. Added capsicum, carrots and tomato one after the other and cooked till they were nicely done. Added salt, pepper, red chilli powder and thyme to my taste. Gave a good stir. Added lemon zest n turned off the fire.


Prepared the breads by spreading tomato ketchup on one bread and the vegetables + cheese on the other. image Greased the sandwich maker ( mine was an old fashioned manual gas top sandwich maker) with olive oil. (You may use a silicone food brush or may use peel of any vegetable to do so.) Placed the breads inside, locked and put on the gas flame.


Kept it on medium heat for about 20 seconds on each side. I kept checking if the markings on the breads from the maker are okay or if the bread had stuck on to the sandwich maker or if it was about to burn. Do things that you find works. 😀 Serve hot and crispy . So I hope you try and like this recipe of mine. My mother and I really enjoyed the yumm stuffing which was healthy and the crispy outer crust of the brown bread. 🙂

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