To fellow bloggers ~ Weekly Challenge for fellow food bloggers! #foodblogger #Weekly challenge

This is an initiative to bring together some food bloggers from across the world. The motive behind is completely healthy & happy.

This is to actually get and help get genuine appreciation and not just empty likes without a word read. It is to encourage comments on fellow blogger’s post.


Things to be done:
☆Upload at least one Blog post every week.

☆Follow one basic rule we have Here.

☆ spread a word on social media to get more readers & fellow bloggers on board at least
Once every month or two.

UPDATE : I just wanted to clarify a few little things.
One,its a friendly challenge (as already stated) that means to promote more reading and viewership. We together mean to continue this as long as we can. 🙂
Two, I understand that time is a big factor for many and taking up the challenge may be difficult. To make things clear, I am a student and so its likely that I will fail to write or upload more often than not. Am back in the #WeekChallenge next time I upload.


♡Get appreciation from readers and bloggers that is genuine. Not just a star or like after reading the header on wordpress reader.

♡Make friends and get along with fellow food bloggers. Yayee mate!

♡Mass advertising. Encourage and promote writing (something wr all have in common) more than anything else. Social medias comes handy!!

♡Motivation to keep blogging through #WeeklyChallenge. A lil’ push is good guys.

To do:
☆ first, participate. How?

-By commenting below with your name or Username, a little about you and your blog (optional) and social media links (preferably twitter, facebook, google plus etc.)

We will follow back each other on as many platforms as possible and further dm on twitter (as will be needed).

☆Second, spread the word to as many as you can. This is basically self promotion to fellow bloggers. An initiative to engage as many bloggers & readets (thus genuine blog post enthusiasts) as possible.

I really hope this interests you guys and we all come up together to do something fun and do real reading.
Happy blogging & happy befriending :))

UPDATE: Thank you for all your support and encouragement. I am very glad to get a positive response. I Will get back to each of you soon and introduce each other before we get started.

Reach me here or
on  facebook,
or google plus
And on pinterest.
Find me on yummly here.

Also, you might want to look into the #WeeklyChallenge for #Foodbloggers to promote more ‘blog reading’.

Love & Luck,
Roy ❤ ❤

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