Gajar ka halwa ~ Weekend Treat

Gajar ka halwa

It’s really a quote all by itself. It’s that yummy and oh-so-popular carrot dessert that no one can resist. It’s a classic after all !

It’s something we have had at home on winter evenings..we could get that lovely carrot and ghee smell half an hour before its ready..and annoy our grandmoms or mom with questions of delight. Now, its available at sweet shops too but there’s no better way to have it other than cooking it at home on cheat days. Plus its a super fast recipe πŸ™‚


So, here is my tried and tested( read tasted) recipe for you all.

Ingredients : ( for 2 sinful serving)
3 big carrots , grated
2 cups of milk (I used skimmed milk but you could use full fat for better result)
Sugar ( I would say a cup or two but it all depends on taste, really. So, i keep adding little until I like it best. FYI, I keep it very subtle)
Ghee (1 tablespoon or more wink )
2 Cardamoms , broken
Dry fruits of your choice and amount ( I used a few cashew nuts and raisins. I also use almonds sometimes).

Method :
Boil the milk with the cardomom in it. Add the grated carrots and let it soak all the flavoured milk on medium heat. Keep stirring often to avoid the carrot or milk from burning.

Take another pan (non-stick , preferably) and heat it up. Add ghee and let it melt. Put in the carrot mixture and stir well. Keep adding sugar little by little until you are happy with the sweetness. Cook well till the carrots go at least one shade darker. Add the dry fruits of your choice. Mix well.


You are done.yay!
Now serve hot in a bowl with sprinkling of a handful of dry fruits. (Optional –the dry fruits not the serving though :p )
Would love to know if you like or have tried gajar ka halwa!

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Love & Luck,
Roy ❀ ❀


11 thoughts on “Gajar ka halwa ~ Weekend Treat

  1. The Breakfast Tea says:

    I’ve never heard of this (dessert?) before. It looks really good! I don’t like my desserts too sweet either. I bookmarked this for a future recipe to try. Plus, it gives me a reason to use the ghee I have sitting around from the farmer’s market that I don’t fully understand how to use πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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