Jurassic World, Food court, headache & more..!

Heya all !
Last day I went out with my sister and her boyfriend (we three happen to be best of friends) to watch Jurassic world 3D and then head to the mall book store. We did all that and more..!
To start with it was raining and it was kinda messy..we reached at the DownTown mall in SaltLake city where we visited the Big Bazaar there. And boy! as usual I went crazy in the kitchen department..I anyway had to buy a brush, a pepper mill, an oil dispenser, a hand grater and I could go on forever..I stumbled upon the new fancy tumblers and colourful glass bottles. But I kept the tour short as we had a movie to catch at 2.35 pm
Reached on time to get a scary ride I’ve had in a long time. To that I would like to add that I have never watched a real horror film in my life and throughout the 124minutes me and my sister held on to each other like we were actually in the fictional island of Isla Nublar with Indominus rex right behind us..!
It was fun a ride though..stayed on us for quite some time. The best bit for me was Irfan khan..dint he look hot with that salt and pepper beard and those eyes *drool*


*drool* *drool* *drool*

The worst part would be the 3D glasses that were scratched and the whole thing looked shady to me. Gave all three of us headaches. *Grump grump*

Our next stop was city centre, saltLake, where we headed to Crosswords book store and food court. We ordered Thai sizzlers which was part of the amazing combo..the thing about food court is nothing is exactly fine but the combos, variants & offers make the trip worth every penny. 🙂


The City centre, saltLake HangOut Thai combo!

On our way back we collected a scoop of ice cream from a stall and spoke of dinosaurs, KFC, fake thai food and abused the 3D glasses.
Loved the day and the wonderful company :))

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Love & Luck,
Roy ❤ ❤


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