Potato Soup ~ Simple yet tasty!

A first-rate soup is more creative
than a second rate painting.
— Abraham Maslow

If an American psychologist of thay stature says so, you gotta believe him!
So I thought why not try out a simple quick soup for dinner. I googled here and some more there and came across endless number of vegetable soups. Now,potato being one of my favourite recipe I opted for one. I got inspired by this recipe, but since it was too bland for my Indian taste buds..I added some flavours with fried onions,garlic & more.
Diet watchers might not want to scroll down :p
And this is what I got at the end of my experiment ~


Potato Soup I made for lunch ~ so simple, fast yet delicious! Give it a try yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ingredients : (serves 2)
-Potatoes, boiled & mashed with salt, 2 medium size
-Flour, 1 cup
-Olive Oil, 2 tablespoon (or as much you want)
-Butter, 2 tablespoon ( as much you want)
-Chicken stock or vegetable stock (if you are a vegetarian), as much needed for desired consistency
-Milk, as per need of consistency
-onion, chopped
-garlic, finely chopped
-capsicum, finely chopped
-Salt, to taste
-Black pepper, to taste
-Chilli powder, to taste
Sugar, 1 teaspoon
-Cheddar or parmesan cheese, 1-2 cubes
-Thyme, 1 teaspoon

Method :
Boil the potatoes with salt and mash it.
In a pan (heavy bottom), add oil and tiny bit of butter and sautรฉ the onion, garlic & capsicum with salt and pepper. Keep aside.
In the same pan, add oil and put the flour and mix well with the back of a laddle to avoid lumps.
Add chicken stock/vegetable stock, keep stirring.
Add milk and mashed potatoes and mix well to achieve your desired consistency.
Add salt, pepper, chilli powder, sugar and the fried vegetable mix.
Let it cook for 3-5 minutes.
Add grated cheese, left butter and thyme. Bring down when you see soup boiling.
Serve hot.
I really mean hot hot!

All I can say is my mother is not a fan of soup but she finished her bowl faster than myself.

**TIP – If your butter and cheese is salted, be careful about the amount of salt you add.
My first batch got a little too salty, so the next time I was mindful.

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Love & Luck,
Roy โค โค


11 thoughts on “Potato Soup ~ Simple yet tasty!

  1. Latha@Mumbaikar says:

    I am loving your blog and the vegetarian recipes. I have never tried potato soup. I will try this for sure.
    Do you give cookery classes?


    • Insanely Roy - Piece of Cerebrum says:

      oh hey! lovely to meet you too Robyn! (hope i got that right) thank u for reaching out to me.
      potato is such a versatile vegetable..its not usual to screw up a potato dish.:) n most ppl love it .
      glad u liked this. if u try this, do pass a feedback.
      also i will check ur blog out.
      thanks again.


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