Homemade crispy Jalebi desi style ~ Independence day special!

My memories fly high!
Ever since I was a little girl, me and my sister Gulu would run to the playground in front of our house every Independence day morning!
Showered, with blotches of baby powder here and there, crisp little frocks and the biggest grin across our face..we ran holding hands with tiny flags clutched tight in our palms till we reached the crowd around the flag hoisting podium. I still remember, uncles of our locality or para would make us stand in line and make us sing the national anthem..we would jump up & down as the hoisting started and clap hard!
As a reward for being good quiet girls with no tantrums, Jalebi were distributed. The sugar syrup off them dripping till our elbow, each gets a piece..no more! pout
But what a bliss it was! A smile that people have when they win a 5 crore lottery.. πŸ™‚

Those days were priceless and are missed badly! So when I was planning an Independence day menu this time, I made it a point to include the good old Jalebis in our morning ritual…just Homemade!
My first trial and they came out better than just fine πŸ˜€


Without rambling anymore let’s get started.
Just to make sure its clear from the title above, it has no baking soda or baking powder at all. Or any other fancy artificial ingredients used in shops or by halwais.
They will rise and crisp up just as much.

Homemade crispy Jalebi Desi style

  • Servings: 15-20
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Print

Prep time = Prep + let it sit for 24 hours or at least overnight
Cook time = 10-15 minutes

Ingredients :
For Jalebi
-1 cup maida or all-purpose flour,
-2 tablespoon rice flour or semolina ** scroll down for a tip
-3/4 cup sour yogurt/curd
-2 tablespoon ghee, for flavour (optional)
-2 teaspoon fennel seeds(saunf or mauri)
– oil, for deep frying
– cold water/ cold milk
– kesar food colour or kesar in warm water, for colour (optional)
– sugar , 1 cup

For sugar syrup
– water, 1 cup
– sugar, 1 cup
– Cardamon powder or whole, a pinch or 2 medium size pcs.
– 1-2 drops of lemon

Method :
For Jalebi
Preparation is pretty simple.
Mix the dry ingredients (maida, rice flour/semolina, fennel seeds) with curd and cold milk/cold water as required. Mix well to get a thick batter.
The batter shouldnt be watery and runny or too thick. The consistency should be that whipped cream or buttercream icing (or thick pakoda batter). should be able to drop the batter as round swirly strings of jalebi.

Whip very well to incorporate air into the batter. keep aside for 24 hours or at least overnight.
By then you will see it has risen slightly and pores or bubbles are formed. Fermentation done! Yayee!!
Gently add the kesar water or food colour (optional and best to avoid) along with some castor sugar.** scroll down for a note
Dont whip excess or the air and bubbles will escape off the batter.

Take oil in a heavy bottomed kadai/wok/pan and deep fry them till golden brown. Take a piping bag or holed out coconut shell or simply a plastic carry bag/pouch, put in the batter and cut a hole on one corner to squeeze out the batter in steady thread like rounds connected to each other.
Take out. Blot the excess oil and transfer to the sugar syrup within 5 seconds.


Sugar syrup
Take a kadai/wok or a flat heacy bottomed pan, add water and elaichi/cardomom (broken).
Add sugar and boil on medium or mark 2 flame. Add a drop of lemon.
When the sugar mixture becomes becomes thick and forms string flow when dropped from spoon, turn off the heat and keep aside.

Just like any Classic sweet dish, its pure bliss! Make this lovely sweets as snack or as dessert after a hearty meal with delicious main courses!

Tips & notes :
β˜† If you dont have semolina or suji and rice flour, simply blend or grind gobindobhog rice in a mixer.

β˜†Its dont necessary to add sugar to the jalebis but if you do, you may have them without sugar syrup too. Slightly healthier!

β˜†Dont make the sugar syrup too runny or the Jalebis will be soften and break. You dont want that!

β˜† Lemon drop adds a tang. Its optional though.

β˜† you may use baking powder or baking soda or even Hydro ir ranghat hydro mix from the nearby baking goods store..but my jalebis dint have any. Yet they all did rise when I dropped them it oil.

β˜† The shape and ease of frying comes with practice. You may make a few trial jalebis like I did.

β˜† Try to use wide mouth pans or kadais for frying.

β˜†As you fry in the same oil,the Jalebis eventually tend to brown soon. Keep an eye in them and be quick!

β˜†Be very careful and safe while deep frying and making sugar syrup. Heat is harm!

I hope you make this lovely dessert at home this Independence day or even otherwise! Its so tasty and most importantly its a classic nostalgia!
Untill next time,
Long live my land & its people!
Jai ho!!

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18 thoughts on “Homemade crispy Jalebi desi style ~ Independence day special!

  1. choclette says:

    I’ve never had Jalebi, but I’ve read about them in so many Indian tales, I would love to try them. Fried dough dripping in syrup has got to be good πŸ˜‰

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