Vanilla cookies/Tea Cake on a skillet/Pan (No bake/No Oven) Recipe

Have you ever had those days where you crave a cookie or those chewy sweet bites but the oven is down?
What do you do then?

I act over-smart! Yes!
I make a cookie dough quick & simple and cooked them on my non-stick pan or iron skillet.
How cool is that?

Its so easy and fast that it may beat the Easiest Cake in the world with Milk frosting anyday!

Easiest cake in the world with easy milk chocolate frosting -Microwave oven & gas top pressure cooker methodWhich by the way can be made in an microwave oven as well as in a no oven method on gas top/stove. That’s Simple, quick & delicious !

But the bites are so subtly sweet & yum that you will never believe its NOT BAKED! Its cooked on a pan!
And just as drool worthy..

Easy fast Vanilla cookie/tea cake on a skillet/pan/wok - no bake,no oven,no added colour

These goes perfectly with tea or Homemade esspresso coffee or just as a regular snack now & then. I served these on a plate on top of crumbled kitchen towel, generous sprinkling of sugar and dry fruits & ginger green tea.

I will be making a dough very similar to one of the easiest biscuit/cookie dough ever. I guess pretty much anyone who has ever thought of making a cookie,has come across the Simple cookie dough recipe by Martha Stewart. Just a few tips & tricks that help is added by me at last (a result of very many failures at making tea cakes in many ways!) Scroll down to know more.

This easy breezy recipe needs the basic few ingredients we mostly find in our kitchen, just about 15 minutes or less to prep, another 5-10 minutes to cook. All you need is a mixing bowl, a spoon or whisk and a pan/skillet or even a flat bottomed wok.
So,here lets get started..

Vanilla Cookie/Tea Cake on skillet/Pan (No bake/No oven)

  • Servings: 20
  • Difficulty: easy
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Ingredients :
-Butter (unsalted) softened, 90-100g
-Caster sugar*, 100g
-Egg, 1 whole
-Vanilla extract /flavoured liquid drops, 1/2 teaspoon or 1-2 drops
-Plain white flour, 200g
Baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon**
-Salt, 1/2 teaspoon
– Raisins/Sultanas, Cashews or any dry fruit of your choice, for the batter and to garnish.
– Castor sugar, to sprinkle on top.

Method :
♡ In a mixing bowl, mix the cast or sugar and butter well. Do not over whip the butter. Add one whole whisked egg in & stir well with 2 drops of vanilla extract. Using a good quality Whisk eases your job!

♡ In a seperate bowl, mix the dry ingredients (Flour, baking powder, salt).
Add this to the wet mixing bowl.

♡ Wash some raisins and keep them in water for at least 5-10 minutes.
Mix a few in (Inside) the dough balls making sure the raisins dont touch the pan/skillet. Any dry fruits (optional) should be inside each cookie dough ball.

♡ Take a non-stick pan or skillet,grease it well. Heat it on high flame.
Put the flattened cookie dough balls and lower the flame to low.
Cover with a lid to create an oven like environment.

♡ You may use a cookie cutter too dough into desired flattened shapes for precision.

♡ Make sure the the cookie dough is evenly touching the pan. When the dough starts browning, quickly turn it over making sure this side too touches the pan well.

♡The whole process for each batch, should take not more than 5-6 minutes. Keep a close eye to not burn the little bite!

♡If you don’t like the direct dough balls on pan method, You can use this gas top/no oven method here too.

Tips & Notes :
☆ I make my own castor sugar by grinding plain granulated sugar for the dough.
For icing , I mix 1/2 cup of finely groud sugar with 1tablespoon of corn flour.

☆ Baking powder is important because I am making flattened cookies not balls etc.
Get some at great Price here!

☆ Do not use butter or margarine that is too whipped for cookie dough. They should  be unsalted and at room temperature.

☆ Be very precise when cooking them. Its very easy to get them burnt.

☆ you may also use the Gas top oven method used HERE.

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