A special treat for you this festive season-Nolen gur’er Ice-cream!

What’s on your mind after reading the blog title– What is Nolen gur? Or is it really the new ice-cream flavour of the season?! The  answer to both is a wide grin.

If you have been reading my blog for a while now (or have just been sent here by google…in that case, welcome!) you should know how much I love regional food & classics of Indian cuisine.

Chingri Maachher Kalia (Prawn/fish kalia - an authentic Bengali recipe)

**Click on the dish for Recipe**

Golbarir Kosha Mangsho - The famous eatery is Calcutta's secret recipe for you! #Indianfood #recipeoftheday #KolkataRead the various Bengali classic recipes I have done here.

From My mother’s one-pot quick chicken pulao to Moti Pulao restaurant style;

From the absolute favourite among Calcuttans Golbari’r Kosha mangsho to homecooks’ star dish Prawn/Fish Kalia or Egg Masala gravy recipe & more…– I almost have a collection now.

Yes, you are right. Am obsessed!!

But I took a good look around my blog which I always felt was a child of love for food that suits my Bengali taste buds the most. I was quite surprised that I din’t have too many regional recipes of desserts or sweets,though. Coming from Bengal, the land of rosogolla – that’s a big bummer. So I thought why not bring you, my lovely readers a special news & treat that I am personally ecstatic about.

I will talk about a dessert that we all know about & love but this Durga Pujo, it’s here with probably the most Bengali flavour ever. A super big round of applause for…. . . . .

  •  *  drum rolls  *  *

Nolen Gur’er Ice-cream by Mother  dairy

Mother Dairy Nolen Gur Ice cream - Piece of Cerebrum blog post

For those of you who don’t know what Nolen gur is – it’s date palm jaggery [Here’s Wikipedia at your rescue]. To know Bengalis’ love for it, be aware that it’s probably the only priceless culinary thing of Bengal sold in a tube. Google it.

You don’t need me to talk about Mother dairy, do you? It’s a classic.

Now,my family loves ice-cream and so we have tried very many kind. Fancy brands to regional products to local parlour-made scoops. I can well be a pro at it by now. If you like your ice-cream cream-y & you like it milk-y, as ice-creams ideally should be – I promise you will love any mother dairy’s. Continue reading

Share your Recipe with Piece of Cerebrum

Am sure you have noticed a new tab on the menu  of my blog (which has a new theme now btw!). What the hell is it about you ask?!?! Here’s me with an answer.

Whether you are a food blogger, homemaker or workaholic mom, dad or a student, I am sure you have a part in you that enjoys experimenting in the kitchen & obtain great pleasure by feeding your loved ones. Why waste the skill, then?

Let us all get a sneak-peek into your culinary world. Share your Recipe or Food Photography with Piece of Cerebrum & it’s readers & we will let the word out in the blogosphere!

#ShareYourRecipe at Piece of Cerebrum
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I’m featured on “Featured Foodie Friday”

The ever so helpful, warm & encouraging Patty (Patty Gale of ChocolateChip Studio) has been generous enough to feature me on her “Featured Foodie Friday” series.

You can read my story, know me through her by reading her post,
You get a sneak peek into my life, “Why blogging?” “How I started??” & more..

Piece of Cerebrum featured on "Feature foodie friday"

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Premios Dardos award- my second award nomination! Humbled!

Hello again!
I am here with another share of experience and I am overwhelmed by my second nomination. Its the
Premios Dardos award which I humbly accept. Also I demand another award for getting that spanish name right! (Just so you know, I copy pasted the award title, it hurts otherwise).


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Happy Eid & Ratha Yatra to one & all !

This a festive post for wishing all my fellow bloggers, readers & well-wishers a very Happy and prosperous Eid & fun and lively Ratra yatra!
It’s beautiful how two soulful festivals are being celebrated on the same day.
A spread of sandesh (Bengali sweets) for these special evening!:)


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The Dragon’s Loyalty Award! Humbly accepted!

My first Blogging Award and its a great feeling, really!
Thank you The sweet and the savory side of me for nominating me. I humbly accept it & appreciate your generous gesture.
In case you have not seen her lovely blog yet, go treat yourself now!


So, the Dragon’s Loyalty Award,
The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is an award for the loyal fan/commentor, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or just someone who follows and comments regularly.

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To fellow bloggers ~ Weekly Challenge for fellow food bloggers! #foodblogger #Weekly challenge

This is an initiative to bring together some food bloggers from across the world. The motive behind is completely healthy & happy.

This is to actually get and help get genuine appreciation and not just empty likes without a word read. It is to encourage comments on fellow blogger’s post.


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