Peanut butter double chocolate bites –Fast, Easy, No bake dessert (Summer Special)

Hello again! It’s so nice to be back with another kid friendly recipe for all you dear readers. I have been away from all the yumminess & blogging for a while now but now that I have got a slight chance at I am with a super summer dessert recipe.


Why is this recipe something you & your kid will love in the season of sun?

Well, good news for you. This is a no-bake recipe which is so apt for the coming summers when gas-top & oven kills. Kills hard!

Secondly, this is a fun do for your kids. This has steps in which you can involve your little ones. No fire, no super hot stuff, minimalistic ingredients list – you can barely find an excuse to keep them away from your kitchen.

The list of ingredients is not very big on the pocket & mostly includes items you already have in your kitchen cupboard.


Ingredients : to make 20-25 small pieces

  • Butter (preferably white unsalted cooking butter, but you may use regular ones too) – 4+half dollops/tablespoon
  • Digestive biscuits (preferably thick ones) –200g
  • Peanut butter (crunchy or creamy) –4 big tablespoon
  • Brown sugar /castor sugar – 3-4 big tablespoon (or to taste)
  • Dark or milk chocolate – I used about 4 34gms dairy milk for the first coat & some drinking chocolate/chocolate sprinkles as topping. Feel free to either skip or adjust the topping.
  • Milk – 3 tablespoon
  • Tray/baking tin (preferable square) – to make 20-25 bite size pieces.
  • vanilla extract – 1.5 teaspoon
  • Aluminum foil of any quality/baking sheet – a little bigger than the tray


You will also need the following –

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Egg Masala Gravy Recipe – Indian restaurant style

“A day without argument is like an egg without salt” – Angela Carter

Angela Carter was an English novelist and journalist, known for her feminist, magical realism and picaresque works (who’s up for adventures of a rogue hero??) If a renowned writer like herself thinks an egg can be a part of literature, you better agree!

There are three two kind of people on this planet – One who likes/loves/is obsessed with eggs and Two,dislikes/hates/ignores eggs.

I fall somewhere between them…neither will I die without a boiled egg for breakfast nor will I order a sunny side up in some fancy restaurant (just because it’s cooked to Gordan Ramsay like perfection there!)

Of course, I like my egg pasta, egg-y pudding, eggs in cake, frittata and eggs in curries & gravies. I also have a fair number of boiled eggs or omelette per month though! Among others , One egg recipe I absolutely love is the “Egg Masala Gravy”.

Now, it’s so common and has endless variants (just like any other Classic recipes) but the general ingredients and texture remains same. We make it at home every other week and I have had it in more than two eateries/restaurant.

It is delicious. Period.


Fast & Simple recipes can be yummy too!

It needs no other definition. The richness, especially those that’s served in restaurants/hotels, the smooth texture, the colour, the flavours of all those spices is to die for…………If all the above was not enough, understand that this is another fast  & simple recipe. Fast recipes are like my niche now!

Check a lot more interesting FAST & SIMPLE recipes/dish here.

Like I have already mentioned above, its very versatile. You can make ir on week days where you barely have time after work or even on weekends parties or special lunch, be it holiday meals, get togethers, puja/festivals, dinner invites etc.

I have made it today proper “restaurant style” – made from scratch, styled, served and photographed in a very restaurant-ish way! (Restaurant-ish is my new creation, eh!)

Egg Masala Gravy - restaurant style

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I’m featured on “Featured Foodie Friday”

The ever so helpful, warm & encouraging Patty (Patty Gale of ChocolateChip Studio) has been generous enough to feature me on her “Featured Foodie Friday” series.

You can read my story, know me through her by reading her post,
You get a sneak peek into my life, “Why blogging?” “How I started??” & more..

Piece of Cerebrum featured on "Feature foodie friday"

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My mother’s One pot Chicken Pulao (Traditional Indian Pulao/Pulav Recipe)

what comes to your mind when i say “One pot meal”?
Rice or Polenta with some yummy veggie or meat?? No??
A quick stir fried rice or semolina with spices & herbs???
There could be endless answers & most of them just as simple and delicious!
If you don’t trust me, keep reading.

My mother is a great cook..and no, I dont say it because she means the world to me..She really is a great cook!
Her Shukto (will be guest posted soon), which is a quintessential Bengali starter is a hit and that is an understatement! Be it her Hydereabadi Murgh lazeez or chingri /prawn kalia (another bengali classic) or her vegetable chops (one of the most loved street food of all times) ~ She rocks ‘n’ roll the Kitchen of the house!

So, today as a Ganesh Chathurti treat for my lovely readers, I have a very special One-pot Chicken Pulao/Pulav Recipe. This is also a Durga Puja special dish of all times..those holidays, festivals ,dinner or lunch invites that you worry about- this is the solution!

Why is it special you ask?
☆ Its an one-pot meal and pretty versatile at it.
Not only can it be made in a Branded One-Pot meal maker, Rice cooker, Pressure cooker, Handi…it can also be made in a wok/kadai or Pan.
☆ Its quick. yes!
☆ It’s delicious. Period.
☆ It’s extremely filling. Even if you dont make a side dish or get your salads ready..your tummy will be a happy tummy!
☆ It’s got basic ingredients that’s easily available.
☆ versatility is a word I adore. This is versatile..Not only in terms of how its served but how it can be made ~ Swapping an ingredient or two, adding 3 more, minus 1 here or there is all common But you can even alter the sequence of a step of making or two. It wont matter much!
☆ Don’t think these one-pot meals are for work days..this can be just as Posh and apt for those fancy dinner parties. All you need is a decent plating skill!
(Shh..If I can plate, so can you! trust me!)
How about taking a look now,

Chicken pulao/pulav - Authentic Indian / Bengali One pot recipe logo ad
toaster ad

Without much ado, lets get started on the fun quick culinary trip!

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Chingri Maachher Kalia (Prawn/fish kalia – an authentic Bengali recipe)

Hello & am back! After a few days of being MIA (missing in action, silly!) I decided to do a special recipe today. That too for the coming puja/festival season.

There’s Ganesh Chathurti round the corner and this long span pujas are just perfect for trying out new recipes or elaborate meals ideas.
Also,not to forget the Durga Puja craze is already on..In Bengal, this is like the biggest gala that goes on for several days but the preparation is no less extravagant.
Be it Pandal-making, Shopping for the festival days or planning trips in & outside Hometown..its a fun riot!

So, I thought why not go with the Bengal -Bengali theme & opt for a quick,delicious authentic recipe of machher Kalia.
Now, Kalia is most commonly made with big varieties of fishes/Carps etc. but Prawn/Chingri Kalia is just as drool worthy!
I cant explain how much I love this particular dish.


The colour is fetching & the flavours so balanced. You dont get a strong hit of any spice in particular…the fish/Prawn & the bite size potatoes if well cooked, tastes like heaven in mouth!

Chingri Maachher Kalia (Prawn/fish kalia - an authentic Bengali recipe)

If you have guests coming , be it sudden or pre-planned, make this as a Durga Puja special dish or festival themed authentic Bengali cuisine. It will be a hit!
You may also try Prawn Butter masala,

Prawn butter masala- Decilious, flavourful recipe

Prawn Butter Masala~ spoil yourself with this recipe!

any chicken dish or a Vegetarian option like Soya, may be?! 
The best part being, going wrong with this dish is very unlikely.
Its so safe & simple but the look or taste contradicts the fact!

Dont forget to check out other vegetarian & non-vegetarian options to try this Puja season for dinner/Lunch, snacks/starter!
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Vegetable Stir-fry with a twist~Leftover mashed potato crispy balls

I am quite excited about this post. The sole reason being, this is my first ever stir fry post + a twist to go with it.
I dedicate this to all those passionate wok(kadai) lovers and lovely cooks. This new group I am member of on facebook is super cool.
There’s so much I learn everyday, so much inspiration,the passion & practice is unbelievably great!
I would take this chance to thank them all – Audrey, Bob, Grace, David, kevin and everyone else there! A big big thank you guys!!

Now to food, the main love. Stir fry is much loved in my family, especially my parents. They enjoy a good seasoned stir fry with almost every dish.
But that’s not it.

What do you do when you have leftover mashed potatoes?
Do you have them bland just like that??

I make a family favourite stir fry! With crispy balls of mashed potato. Its simple, quick, fresh, healthier (especially if you own an air-frier or oven), tasty & flavourful! What more do you need, eh?

Please note, Mashed potato in my world is not the one with butter, milk/milk solids or extra starch.
We call it aloo bhaaté and is boiled potatoes,peeled and mashed with little oil,salt & green chillies to taste.
Both kinds of mashed potato work fine for my recipe.

Here,take a look at what you are in for ~

Vegetable stir fry with a twist - Leftover mashed potato crispy balls

The colourful riot of flavours awaits you..let’s get started !

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Vanilla cookies/Tea Cake on a skillet/Pan (No bake/No Oven) Recipe

Have you ever had those days where you crave a cookie or those chewy sweet bites but the oven is down?
What do you do then?

I act over-smart! Yes!
I make a cookie dough quick & simple and cooked them on my non-stick pan or iron skillet.
How cool is that?

Its so easy and fast that it may beat the Easiest Cake in the world with Milk frosting anyday!

Easiest cake in the world with easy milk chocolate frosting -Microwave oven & gas top pressure cooker methodWhich by the way can be made in an microwave oven as well as in a no oven method on gas top/stove. That’s Simple, quick & delicious !

But the bites are so subtly sweet & yum that you will never believe its NOT BAKED! Its cooked on a pan!
And just as drool worthy..

Easy fast Vanilla cookie/tea cake on a skillet/pan/wok - no bake,no oven,no added colour

These goes perfectly with tea or Homemade esspresso coffee or just as a regular snack now & then. I served these on a plate on top of crumbled kitchen towel, generous sprinkling of sugar and dry fruits & ginger green tea.

I will be making a dough very similar to one of the easiest biscuit/cookie dough ever. I guess pretty much anyone who has ever thought of making a cookie,has come across the Simple cookie dough recipe by Martha Stewart. Just a few tips & tricks that help is added by me at last (a result of very many failures at making tea cakes in many ways!) Scroll down to know more.

This easy breezy recipe needs the basic few ingredients we mostly find in our kitchen, just about 15 minutes or less to prep, another 5-10 minutes to cook. All you need is a mixing bowl, a spoon or whisk and a pan/skillet or even a flat bottomed wok.
So,here lets get started..

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