A special treat for you this festive season-Nolen gur’er Ice-cream!

What’s on your mind after reading the blog title– What is Nolen gur? Or is it really the new ice-cream flavour of the season?! The  answer to both is a wide grin.

If you have been reading my blog for a while now (or have just been sent here by google…in that case, welcome!) you should know how much I love regional food & classics of Indian cuisine.

Chingri Maachher Kalia (Prawn/fish kalia - an authentic Bengali recipe)

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Golbarir Kosha Mangsho - The famous eatery is Calcutta's secret recipe for you! #Indianfood #recipeoftheday #KolkataRead the various Bengali classic recipes I have done here.

From My mother’s one-pot quick chicken pulao to Moti Pulao restaurant style;

From the absolute favourite among Calcuttans Golbari’r Kosha mangsho to homecooks’ star dish Prawn/Fish Kalia or Egg Masala gravy recipe & more…– I almost have a collection now.

Yes, you are right. Am obsessed!!

But I took a good look around my blog which I always felt was a child of love for food that suits my Bengali taste buds the most. I was quite surprised that I din’t have too many regional recipes of desserts or sweets,though. Coming from Bengal, the land of rosogolla – that’s a big bummer. So I thought why not bring you, my lovely readers a special news & treat that I am personally ecstatic about.

I will talk about a dessert that we all know about & love but this Durga Pujo, it’s here with probably the most Bengali flavour ever. A super big round of applause for…. . . . .

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Nolen Gur’er Ice-cream by Mother  dairy

Mother Dairy Nolen Gur Ice cream - Piece of Cerebrum blog post

For those of you who don’t know what Nolen gur is – it’s date palm jaggery [Here’s Wikipedia at your rescue]. To know Bengalis’ love for it, be aware that it’s probably the only priceless culinary thing of Bengal sold in a tube. Google it.

You don’t need me to talk about Mother dairy, do you? It’s a classic.

Now,my family loves ice-cream and so we have tried very many kind. Fancy brands to regional products to local parlour-made scoops. I can well be a pro at it by now. If you like your ice-cream cream-y & you like it milk-y, as ice-creams ideally should be – I promise you will love any mother dairy’s. Continue reading

Golbarir Kosha Mangsho-the classic bengali mutton gravy recipe (Most viewed recipe)

UPDATE : “Thank you so very much for liking this recipe.Even though this site has not been updated for months now, this post gets hundreds of views regularly and that makes me so happy.

Do take a look around and see if you like other nonveg or veg recipes.If you have any doubt or query,feel free to drop me an email.

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Golbarir mangsho…

Sounds mouthful isn’t it?

If you have been to Kolkata and haven’t tried that yet, be grieved.

If you live here and haven’t tried it.Wake yourself up & rush to Shyambazar  ASAP to feed your soul.

Here is a sneak peak of how the tiny old and most loved eatery looks like & also the loved kosha mangsho(which in bengali means saute’ed meat. Any meat really, but here it’s mutton)

PicMonkey Collage

Golbarir kosha mangsho – No it’s not for the faint hearts! (Google image)

This place is so humble- it’s small and kinda dingy but it’s older than I am & it serves you meaty goodness. It’s heaven for meat lovers. The gravy they serve there is mostly had with plain rice or roti & is dark in colour. Why you ask?

It’s cooked in a thick iron wok since years. It’s all words of mouth that we hear about how secretive and selective their chefs are about their meat or how they marinade overnight. You will damn well find a hoard of other recipes online claiming it’s authentic Golbarir Kosha mangsho recipe but I hardly think so! They guard it with their lungs & heart! This is just an attempt and after a few trials I am happy with how it tastes. Almost like the gem itself! You can always decide for yourself.

golbarir kosha mangsho recipe

Golbarir Kosha Mangsho (Saute’ed mutton dish) -The Bengali classic


This dish is ideally made in an iron wok/kadai but it’s fine if you don’t own one 🙂

Golbarir Kosha Mangsho - Classic Bengali mutton recipe

  • Difficulty: medium
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Ingredients you will need :

  • Mutton- 1 kg (medium sized pieces with bone)
  • Onion- 2 medium sized (grated)
  • Cumin powder- 1  Tablespoon

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Homemade crispy Jalebi desi style ~ Independence day special!

My memories fly high!
Ever since I was a little girl, me and my sister Gulu would run to the playground in front of our house every Independence day morning!
Showered, with blotches of baby powder here and there, crisp little frocks and the biggest grin across our face..we ran holding hands with tiny flags clutched tight in our palms till we reached the crowd around the flag hoisting podium. I still remember, uncles of our locality or para would make us stand in line and make us sing the national anthem..we would jump up & down as the hoisting started and clap hard!
As a reward for being good quiet girls with no tantrums, Jalebi were distributed. The sugar syrup off them dripping till our elbow, each gets a piece..no more! pout
But what a bliss it was! A smile that people have when they win a 5 crore lottery.. 🙂

Those days were priceless and are missed badly! So when I was planning an Independence day menu this time, I made it a point to include the good old Jalebis in our morning ritual…just Homemade!
My first trial and they came out better than just fine 😀


Without rambling anymore let’s get started.
Just to make sure its clear from the title above, it has no baking soda or baking powder at all. Or any other fancy artificial ingredients used in shops or by halwais.
They will rise and crisp up just as much.

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