“Eat it”~Wordless Wednesday : Healthy Brunch


My healthy brunch ~ whole wheat sandwich with cucumber, tomato, onion & egg plus mango with flax seeds and Cinnamon green tea

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Vegetable & cheese sandwich recipe – a vegetarian snack/treat

“Sandwich” -this to me means an evening treat or something that I would make to please my mother & sister. So, last weekend I took out the manual sandwich maker that my father had bought ages ago. Back then it must have been used a few times (by few I mean not enough to make it worth buying!) but I was firm about utilising such an easy appliance now. So i googled some sandwich recipes but dint quite find any that would suit my conditions of being healthy, tasty & easy to make. So,it was time for some innovation & here is what I made:


( you may or may not use all of these. Change or swap any of the ingredients listed below with anything you have or like). Continue reading