A special treat for you this festive season-Nolen gur’er Ice-cream!

What’s on your mind after reading the blog title– What is Nolen gur? Or is it really the new ice-cream flavour of the season?! The  answer to both is a wide grin.

If you have been reading my blog for a while now (or have just been sent here by google…in that case, welcome!) you should know how much I love regional food & classics of Indian cuisine.

Chingri Maachher Kalia (Prawn/fish kalia - an authentic Bengali recipe)

**Click on the dish for Recipe**

Golbarir Kosha Mangsho - The famous eatery is Calcutta's secret recipe for you! #Indianfood #recipeoftheday #KolkataRead the various Bengali classic recipes I have done here.

From My mother’s one-pot quick chicken pulao to Moti Pulao restaurant style;

From the absolute favourite among Calcuttans Golbari’r Kosha mangsho to homecooks’ star dish Prawn/Fish Kalia or Egg Masala gravy recipe & more…– I almost have a collection now.

Yes, you are right. Am obsessed!!

But I took a good look around my blog which I always felt was a child of love for food that suits my Bengali taste buds the most. I was quite surprised that I din’t have too many regional recipes of desserts or sweets,though. Coming from Bengal, the land of rosogolla – that’s a big bummer. So I thought why not bring you, my lovely readers a special news & treat that I am personally ecstatic about.

I will talk about a dessert that we all know about & love but this Durga Pujo, it’s here with probably the most Bengali flavour ever. A super big round of applause for…. . . . .

  •  *  drum rolls  *  *

Nolen Gur’er Ice-cream by Mother  dairy

Mother Dairy Nolen Gur Ice cream - Piece of Cerebrum blog post

For those of you who don’t know what Nolen gur is – it’s date palm jaggery [Here’s Wikipedia at your rescue]. To know Bengalis’ love for it, be aware that it’s probably the only priceless culinary thing of Bengal sold in a tube. Google it.

You don’t need me to talk about Mother dairy, do you? It’s a classic.

Now,my family loves ice-cream and so we have tried very many kind. Fancy brands to regional products to local parlour-made scoops. I can well be a pro at it by now. If you like your ice-cream cream-y & you like it milk-y, as ice-creams ideally should be – I promise you will love any mother dairy’s.

So, when I first heard about this variation that they have come up with, I couldn’t hold myself together. Literally.

I went out and got myself a few cups full of this goodness. I paid just Rs.20/- for a pack of 90ml. You will also get the family tubs of 750ml for just Rs.150 /-

Mother Dairy Nolen Gur ice cream - Piece of Cerebrum blog

Mother dairy has always had a distinct taste to it – I remember the first time I tried a cup of their vanilla ice-cream, my reaction was “milky”. The richness is very evident to our taste buds.They certainly remain true to their name.

Coming to the new dessert in town, the flavour & aroma of nolen gur in it is subtle yet it tingles your bangaliana (aka Bengali-ness).

Mother Dairy Nolen Gur ice cream - Piece of Cerebrum blog

The sweetness is just right. If you are anything like me and you don’t like overpowering flavour or sweetness, you will enjoy it. It’s really a treat for any season, let alone this Durga pujo. It’s such a classic & exotic flavour after all.

If you are from Bengal, you will have a nostalgia of last winter. If not, try this for pure exotic experience.All my non-bengali friends can’t get enough of Nolen gur’er sondesh(sweet)..this is just another bonus. :p

I don’t even know why I am trying to explain my feelings here.duh! It’s Mother dairy. It’s nolen gur. Need I say more?

My plans for Pujo is quite simple – eat aka hog, sleep, have solid adda & repeat. No I don’t go pandal hopping or on vacations either. It certainly will include more & more of MD ice-creams.

Let me know what your Pujo plans are? Food & desserts you are looking forward to trying & don’t forget to tag me on facebook or twitter.

Don’t forget to Pin/share the newest Bengali flavour of Ice-cream in the city.

Mother Dairy Nolen Gur Ice-cream - Newest Bengali flavour in town!

**Please note : This is a sponsored post. However, I have bought my own product(s) & the review is mine, honestly. The views above are true to my knowledge & belief and without getting any more formal, let’s just clear it out that I would never promote any product that’s anything but good.

Mother dairy is loved brand in the country – it needs no introduction. I am so glad for this beautiful addition to their already superb collection of ice-creams.

Happy Durga Puja & Navaratri to all 🙂

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Love & Luck,
Roy ❤ ❤

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