Egg Masala Gravy Recipe – Indian restaurant style

“A day without argument is like an egg without salt” – Angela Carter

Angela Carter was an English novelist and journalist, known for her feminist, magical realism and picaresque works (who’s up for adventures of a rogue hero??) If a renowned writer like herself thinks an egg can be a part of literature, you better agree!

There are three two kind of people on this planet – One who likes/loves/is obsessed with eggs and Two,dislikes/hates/ignores eggs.

I fall somewhere between them…neither will I die without a boiled egg for breakfast nor will I order a sunny side up in some fancy restaurant (just because it’s cooked to Gordan Ramsay like perfection there!)

Of course, I like my egg pasta, egg-y pudding, eggs in cake, frittata and eggs in curries & gravies. I also have a fair number of boiled eggs or omelette per month though! Among others , One egg recipe I absolutely love is the “Egg Masala Gravy”.

Now, it’s so common and has endless variants (just like any other Classic recipes) but the general ingredients and texture remains same. We make it at home every other week and I have had it in more than two eateries/restaurant.

It is delicious. Period.


Fast & Simple recipes can be yummy too!

It needs no other definition. The richness, especially those that’s served in restaurants/hotels, the smooth texture, the colour, the flavours of all those spices is to die for…………If all the above was not enough, understand that this is another fast  & simple recipe. Fast recipes are like my niche now!

Check a lot more interesting FAST & SIMPLE recipes/dish here.

Like I have already mentioned above, its very versatile. You can make ir on week days where you barely have time after work or even on weekends parties or special lunch, be it holiday meals, get togethers, puja/festivals, dinner invites etc.

I have made it today proper “restaurant style” – made from scratch, styled, served and photographed in a very restaurant-ish way! (Restaurant-ish is my new creation, eh!)

Egg Masala Gravy - restaurant style

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7 reasons to make Flax seeds a must in your diet

Flax seeds! F.L.A.X seeds!
Easy to spell and easier to get our hands on these days. Its everywhere and definitely the newest uber health food in the block.

I got mine from for Rs. 57/- Rs.60/-
You can find it on amazon.
24 Mantra Organic Flax Seeds, 200g

24 Mantra Organic Flax Seeds, 200g

which claimed to be wholesome, tasty & pesticide free. They have even stated 10 reasons to go organic on the pack.


Now lets go through why we should you should grab you pack ASAP :
-1. Its got alpha linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acids)
-2. Proven efficacy in cholesterol management
-3. Prevents inflammation
-4. Its got high level of dirtary fibre
-5. Its got abundance of micronutrients
-6. Its got
Lignan, a important source of phytoestrogen,than has been proven to be affective against breast cancer and menopausal problems.
-7. Controls inflammation that causes joint pains.
Plus, its so easy and versatile to use. The pack mentions adding them in buttermilk to even paranthas (really?!)


But i personally feel it works great in salads, curd, porridge, fruits and smoothies.
So, when are you getting yours??

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