Share your Recipe

Whether you are a food blogger, homemaker or workaholic mom, dad or a student, I am sure you have a part in you that enjoys experimenting in the kitchen & obtain great pleasure by feeding your loved ones. Why waste the skill, then?

Let us all get a sneak-peek into your culinary world. Share your Recipe or Food Photography with Piece of Cerebrum & it’s readers & we will let the word out in the blogosphere!

#ShareYourRecipe at Piece of Cerebrum

Send us your favourite recipe at with the following,

  • Complete Recipe (with measurements, specifications, etc.)
  • A good quality photo (Let the creative you out!)
  • Your name, City/Country, a little about yourself. (I would love to know you personally, my dear reader. Having said that, I’d totally understand if you don’t feel like sharing your identity with the world…it’s fine by me. No names will be published then, eh!)

You can also reach me through the About me page.

Your post will go up as a part of my blog recipe index (with due credit & even a little token of love ‘n’ appreciation from me), if they are something I feel is similar to my style of work.

If not, I will post as viewer’s recipe under #ShareYourRecipe category.

Note : This is just one of those random ideas that I had since a while now. No judging huh! I am not sure how it will work but I am looking forward to seeing your awesome creation.


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