Vanilla Pudding in a Mug in less than 5 minutes (Easy Microwave oven Recipe)

**UPDATE : Thank you loads for all the views and for trying this. 🙂

Sadly some of you had the hard way round. It may get a little too egg-y or too runny the first time,if you go wrong with measurements. I SUGGEST you do a trial batch..try to estimate ingredients to your taste.

you can always ask away if you have a doubt. But i cant tell you whats wrong unless you be specific. TIA***

My second dessert recipe is here! Firstly, thank you for appreciating my first ever dessert recipe. I am so glad some of you tried the Indian Classic and loved it 🙂

This time I had a story that triggered me to try this new quick fix to make a sweet dish. That too in a mug! Whoa! I know its been pretty popular on and off for obvious reasons but what I loved about it apart from the fact that its fast, easy is that its so fulfilling and can have endless variations.

I Got the basic hang of it from a food blog. I tried two variation – one is the basic vanilla pudding and one with coffee caramel. Sadly, my camera  went wacko and the first set of pictures disappeared mysteriously! 😦

So, without much chit chat lets bite into the pudding. Shall we? image

Quick Vanilla Pudding in a mug

  • Difficulty: easy
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Ingredients :

-Egg, 1 medium or small

-sugar, 2 tablespoon or to taste

-milk, 5-6 tablespoon

(Fluid wise both egg and milk should be of equal amount to avoid it being too egg-y)

-vanilla extract, 3-4 drops

You will also need a Mug of your choice. Make sure its microwave oven safe.


Method :

In a bowl mix a full egg with sugar, milk and vanilla essence. Mix well to make sure there’s no lump or granulated sugar. **(scroll down for a Tip)

Pour in the mixture in a microwave oven safe Mug and place it in the microwave oven on microwave mode for 1.5 to 2 minutes. Keep a close eye. When the mixture starts bubbling for 3-5 seconds and the oven glass gets blurry with vapour. Bam! You are done 😀

Take it out and keep it covered with a lid or plate & wrapped up in a towel or cloth. The residual heat is suppose to cook and settle the pudding well and cooling it will set it.. After about 2-3 minutes, keep a plate on the mouth of the cup and invert the cup.

Please make sure its absolutely cool before you flip it.

Voila! Here you have your pretty little vanilla pudding in less that 5 minutes 🙂

I plated it on a simple small plate with sugar pearls on top. image

Tip : ☆Keep a close eye on the mixture when in the microwave oven. The bubbling time depends on the amount of mixture & fluid content & your oven setting.

☆You may use castor sugar for your convinience of mixing.**

☆This is IMPORTANT. Many ask you to beat the egg fluffy and airy with bubbles. I tried 2 batches with and without bubbles, plain bubble-less stirring gives a firm and well set pudding.

☆Depending on how well the pudding is set aftet cooling. You may have some liquid on the plate when you invert the cup – my best suggestion would be to gently take up the set pudding with a flat spatula and plate it up fresh differently. For the Love of God, be gentle!

☆You may read a lot about how a minute in oven will caramalize your sugar at the bottom of the bottom of the cup (to make caramelized pudding top), that you should add extra water to keep the pudding moisturised or that you should grease the cup for ease – I tried..Nope! Stay clean of those! No need!

☆Be careful. Its a generic tip I give anyone dealing with anything hot, electric and not simple; a microwave oven being all three of the above – use gloves or cloth all the time. Because you are amazing & I care 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Vanilla Pudding in a Mug in less than 5 minutes (Easy Microwave oven Recipe)

    • Roy - Piece of Cerebrum says:

      Did you follow the portions & measurements?
      I am guessing hard that the amount of milk you added would have gone less…So the eggs have overpowered every other flavour.
      Am so sorry you had it the hard way.
      and thank you so much for the feedback..I learn from you guys too. 🙂


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