Homemade Chicken Momo with spicy hot dip (Nepali Recipe) No steamer & No soy

How often do you have momos? How often is it homemade?
How often do you use store bought dip?
My answers.
At least twice a month of late. Check out!
All the time.

My first memories of momos in Calcutta was when I was little and my mother took me to various food stalls on our way back from my dance class. But its not until recently that I found out how great a meal or snack it could be. Almost healthy. **(scroll down for Tips)
Good news?
You can make it without a steamer and Soy sauce !

The hotel we were lodged at in Nepal had a small eatery downstairs run by small sweet Nepali man and his adorable wife. I got to know about Nepali cuisine from aunty and found it quite similar to ours. Its almost Indian yet different! Not to mention, I got the recipe for the dip from her.
The dips offered in Nepal are all very hot because the momos are steamed and very plain. Flavours subtle! I tried and my mother totes loves it. πŸ™‚

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Take some time out and try these!
Let’s get started…

Chicken Momo with hot spicy dip - Nepali style

Ingredients :
Scroll down for important Tips.

For the dough of Momos-
Refined flour (Maida), 3 big cups
Oil, 1 tablespoon (for greasing and for kneading)
Salt,to taste

For stuffing
Chicken, 100g
Carrots, half a medium size grated or finely chopped
Capsicum, quarter of a small one finely chopped
Salt,to taste
Homemade dip, to taste (scroll down for recipe)

For homemade dip
Onion, 1 medium
Garlic, 5-6 cloves
Vinegar, 2 tablespoon
Green chillies, 2-3 medium (to taste)
Pepper, 1 teaspoon
Salt,to taste
Sugar, 2 teaspoon
Tomato,half a medium size

You will also need a wok/kadai, a colander and lid to cover theΒ  colander with.

Method :
For the dough-
Mix the flour with salt and oil and knead well with luke warm water for at least 10-15 minutes untill soft and set.
Keep aside.

For the homemade dip-
Keep the chillies soaked in vinegar for an hour or two. (Optional)
Blend all the ingredients in a mixer. Adjust each ingredient to taste at the end of it. Easy breezy!

For the stuffing-
In the same mixer in which you made the dip, add in small boneless chicken pieces with the salt.
Take out and mix that minced meat with rest of the items listed above.

The tricky part. Now that you have prepped enough..time to cross the hurdle! Follow easy steps (for beginners) :
Β€Cut the dough into tiny (an inch diameter) balls

Β€Use a rolling pin to flatten it as thin as you can. Use oil to grease the balls and surface/rolling board.

Β€ you may roll as big as you want to make sure its thin. You can cut away the excess peripheral sides to keep the momos small and cute! Cheating is okay till you are a pro!

Β€ Stuff them and fold them.
Pleat the ending lining to make them look like tiny drapes.
Cheat code?
If you are new, you need practice..just join the two ends with water and form markings with a fork to create drape illusion. Yayee!

Once you have made as many as you want, grease the colander.
Now place the wok/kadai on the gas top. Fill it half way with water. Place the colander on top.
Place the momos at distance from each other on it.
Cover it with the lid.

Cook on high flame for 2 minutes and then medium/low flame untill cooked.
It takes about 10 minutes on big gas burners.
Serve hot with the dip by the side πŸ™‚
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Tips :
~ Dont roll the dough too thin. It tends to break when stuffing or folding ends if too thin.
~ Greasing the colander is important. Or the momos may stick to it and break when pulled apart.
~ Make sure the water in the kadai/wok dont touch the end of the colander.
~Make sure the water doesnt dry out completely while the momos are being cooked. There should be enough to steam the momos.
~If you want, you may use soy sauce in both the dip and stuffing.
~Handle the set up careful. They will be hot.
~To make it healthier, you can use whole wheat flour too. It will be brownish when steamed. **

I hope you liked this #NepaliClassic as much as my family did. πŸ˜€

** UPDATE **

I am delighted to take part in the 4th event by KOLKATA FOOD BLOGGERS. Dated 3rd to 9th aug,2016. This time our featuredd blogger is Moumita Ghosh of Peek n Cook.

The theme is ‘Streetfood Expedition’.

KFB says, “Monsoon has already entered in our state. Everyday we wish to have something spicy snacks to accompany with hot cuppa tea/coffee. But we’ve to be cautious about the food direct from the street. So we’ll make it at home and enjoy the rain in a healthy way.”


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Love & Luck,
Roy ❀ ❀


26 thoughts on “Homemade Chicken Momo with spicy hot dip (Nepali Recipe) No steamer & No soy

  1. Molly ~ EasycookingwithMolly says:

    I think I can LIVE on Momo’s – I love them so much and it’s an everyday affair along with Nolen Gurer Rasgulla whenever I visit Calcutta. Your recipe looks so good and now I’m craving momos πŸ˜‰


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